How to install the Aeternity SDK

This document will explain different way to install the Aeternity Python SDK

Install Python

Get the latest version of Python at or with your operating system’s package manager.

Install the SDK

Installation instructions are slightly different depending on whether you’re installing official release or fetching the latest development version.

Installing an official release with pip

This is the recommended way to install the Aeternity SDK

  1. Install pip. The easiest is to use the standalone pip installer. If your distribution already has pip installed, you might need to update it if it’s outdated. If it’s outdated, you’ll know because installation won’t work.

  2. Take a look at virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. These tools provide isolated Python environments, which are more practical than installing packages system-wide. They also allow installing packages without administrator privileges. The contributing tutorial walks through how to create a virtualenv.

  3. After you’ve created and activated a virtual environment, enter the command:

$ python -m pip install aepp-sdk

Installing the development version

If you’d like to be able to update your SDK code occasionally with the latest bug fixes and improvements, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have Git_ installed and that you can run its commands from a shell. (Enter git help at a shell prompt to test this.)

  2. Install Poetry and make sure it is available in your PATH

  3. Check out the SDK main development branch like so:

$ git clone

This will create a directory aepp-sdk-python in your current directory.

  1. Make sure that the Python interpreter can load the SDK’s code. The most convenient way to do this is to use virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, and pip.

  2. After setting up and activating the virtualenv, run the following command:

$ poetry build
$ python -m pip install dist/$(ls -tr dist | grep whl | tail -1)

This will make the SDK code importable, and will also make the aecli utility command available. In other words, you’re all set!

When you want to update your copy of the SDK source code, run the command git pull from within the aepp-sdk-directory directory. When you do this, Git will download any changes.

Where is the command line client?

The Python SDK bundles a command line client aecli that can be use to submit transactions and poke around the Aeternity blockchain. To be able to access the command line client you have to add it to your executable path. To find out where is your base path for installed python libraries use the command python -m site --user-base